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TV and on-demand audiovisual services in Romania

Description of the audiovisual market


In Romania, the main players in the television market are Central European Media Enterprises (CME) and the Intact Media Group. In 2012, the audience share of Pro TV (CME) was 14.7% and that of  Antena 1 (Intact Media Group) was 11%. CME has a total market share of about 20% (including Pro Cinema,,  Acasa and Acasa Gold), and Intact Media Group about 19%. The public service channels had a combined daily audience share of 7% in 2012 (down from 24.1%  in 2006).   (Audience Data: Eurodata TV Worldwide / GfK Romania)

The public service broadcaster  has had major financial problems which  led to the closure of TVR Info and the  merger of TVR Cultural and TVR2 in the Summer of 2012. TVR Info relaunched as TVR News in co-operation with Euronews in 2012. The German media group ProSiebenSat1 AG left the Romanian  market after selling its main channel to the Greek Antenna Media Group at the end of 2013. Romania is an important centre for thematic television channels that target other countries. These include the Sport  Klub Channels (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia), and the Film+ channels (Czech  and Slovak Republics, Hungary, Romania)  all of which are part of the RTL Group. 

Approximately 40 new national channels were licensed in Romania in the years 2012 and 2013, including channels from the operator RCS & RDS (lifestyle, documentary,  news, sport etc.). On the pay-TV market, three companies  are competing in practically all communications sectors: RCS & RDS, UPC  Romania and Romtelecom, with interests in cable, satellite, broadband and in some cases also telecommunications and IPTV. There is an ongoing investigation by the Competition Council in Romania looking at the degree of concentration of the market. 

According to the regulator Ancom, cable was the most important platform in  Romania (50% of households) at the end  of 20112. RCS & RDS is considered the main player in the market with 1.6 million subscribers end 2012. In September 2013, UPC Romania had 837 500 subscribers of which about 44% had digital services. The other important player is Romtelecom (whorecently took over AKTA and Nextgen). 

Approximately 30% of households were subscribing to satellite services at the end of 2012. The satellite sector experienced consolidation in 2012 resulting in three major players. This changed again in 2013 as two new services were launched. Orange Romania launched a satellite package and Eutelsat launched a  satellite package called Freesat. The most important operators are DigiTV (RCS  & RDS) with more than 1 million subscribers in Romania and Romtelecom also has more than 1 million subscribers. In 2011 Romtelecom bought and merged both Boom TV and Akta TV into its own satellite package Dolce. The other main player is UPC with 317 000 subscribers in September 2013.

There are five IPTV services available in Romania: InesTV, Romtelecom, Massive Telecom, Gemini  Networks and nTouchTV.  Following several years of delay in the  launch of DTT, the strategy on digital switch-over was adopted in May  2013. Four national multiplexes shall  be granted for UHF bands and one for  VHF. The state owned radiocommunications provider Societatea Naţională de Radiocomunicaţii (National Radiocommunications  Society – SNR) will automatically  have one multiplex. The SNR  will be obliged to air the two main channels of the public television (TVR1 and  TVR2), along with several commercial  TV stations currently broadcasting via  analogue terrestrial. The remaining four national multiplexes will be awarded by  the national telecommunications regulating authority (National Authority for  Administration and Regulation in Communications  - ANCOM) in a selection  procedure to be completed by April 2014. 

Switch-off will have to be implemented no  later than 17 June 2015. In the meantime,  two multiplex operators are carrying out tests: SNR (Radiocom) (10 channels broadcast in November 2011, one in HD) and MediaSat (two channels of the MediaPro group, broadcast in HD). 

Regarding legal developments, towards the end of 2013 two proposed amendments to the Draft Law on the modification and completion of the Law No. 41/1994 on the organisation and operation of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation and of the Romanian Television Corporation were blocked. In  October, the President of Romania sent back to the Parliament the Draft Law arguing that two of the three possibilities  provided by the Draft Law for the economic  development and extension of the  public radio and TV activities in Romania and abroad are vague. The Law does not stipulate clear association criteria, neither for the acquisition of shares in order to set up private legal persons nor for the acquisition of shares of existing companies. In  November, the Romanian Senate rejected  another Draft Law on the modification  of the Law No. 41/1994, which intended  to cut the licence fee for the Romanian public media services.

This description was last updated in December 2013.

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