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TV Channel: Eurosport 2 (version in English)

General Information
Channel Name
Eurosport 2 (version in English)
Broadcasting company & contacts EUROSPORT
Media Group(s)


Genre Sport
Specific target audience
Type of coverage Several countries
Language English
Other linguistic versions Eurosport 2 (version in Italian)
Eurosport 2 (version in German)
Eurosport 2 Nordic (version in Finnish)
Eurosport 2 (version in Portugese)
Eurosport 2 (version in Polish)
Eurosport 2 (version in Czech)
Eurosport 2 (version in Hungarian)
Eurosport 2 (version in Greek)
Eurosport 2 (version in Dutch)
Eurosport 2 (version in French)
Eurosport 2 (version in Turkish)
Eurosport 2 UK
Eurosport 2 (version in Serbian)
Eurosport 2 Nordic (version in Swedish)
Eurosport 2 (version in Russian)
Eurosport 2 (version in Bulgarian)
Eurosport 2 Nordic (version in Norwegian)
Eurosport 2 (version in Romanian)
Main targeted country Belgium- Flemish Community
Other countries specifically targeted Belgium- German-speaking Community, Estonia, Spain, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Belgium- French Community, France
Other countries in which the channel is available Hungary, Iceland, Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Portugal, Romania
Status Active
Sports news channel, broadcasting sports events which are complementary to Eurosport's programming. Available in more than 10 linguistic versions.
Access (Free / Pay / Premium / Pay-per-view) Pay
Available in SD Yes
Available in HD Yes
Available in Time-Shifted
Available in Catch-up
Main website
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Link to Lyngsat Address
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Licence / Registration
Related licensing authority Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel (CSA)
Licensing authority country France
Main kind of transmission Cable and/or satellite and/or IPTV (private)
Statute Private
Date of licence or registration
End of licence
Year of launch