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TV Channel: RTV 21 Sat

General Information
Channel Name
RTV 21 Sat
Broadcasting company & contacts
Media Group(s)
Affiliation to a professional organisation
Genre News channel
Specific target audience Kosovar community
Type of coverage National
Language Albanian
Main targeted country Serbia
Other countries in which the channel is available Germany, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Status Active
Number of hours broadcast / week
News channel from Kosovo
Access (Free / Pay / Premium / Pay-per-view) Pay
Catch-up TV service
Available in HD
Available in 3D
Main website
Other website(s) of interest
Link to Lyngsat Address
Link to Lyngsat
Link to Lyngsat Logo
Licence / Registration
Related licensing authority Independent Media Commission Kosovo/UNMIK
Licensing authority country Serbia
Main kind of transmission Cable and/or satellite and/or IPTV (private)
Statute Private
Date of licence or registration
End of licence
Year of launch
Technical transmission
Technical transmission
Internet transmission
This channel has no Internet transmission.
Satellite packages in which the channel is included
Technical penetration (households ; source: channels/OBS)