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TV Channel: TV Thessaloniki

General Information
Channel Name
TV Thessaloniki
Broadcasting company & contacts VEROIA RADIO TV S.A.
Media Group(s)
Genre Generalist
Type of coverage Regional
Language Modern Greek
Main targeted country Greece
Other countries specifically targeted
Other countries in which the channel is available
Status Inactive
Local channel available in Thessaloniki. The channel belongs to the union of regional televisions of greece (
Access (Free / Pay / Premium / Pay-per-view) Free
Available in SD Yes
Available in HD
Available in Time-Shifted
Available in Catch-up
Main website
Other website(s) of interest
Main targeted region Kentriki Makedonia
Licence / Registration
Related licensing authority National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV)
Licensing authority country Greece
Main kind of transmission Terrestrial
Statute Private
Date of licence or registration
End of licence
Year of launch
Date of end of transmission 2014
Secondary competent authority