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TV Channel: TV3 (Sweden)

General Information
Channel Name
TV3 (Sweden)
Broadcasting company & contacts MODERN TIMES GROUP MTG LIMITED
Media Group(s)


Genre Entertainment
Type of coverage National
Language Swedish
Main targeted country Sweden
Other countries specifically targeted
Other countries in which the channel is available Finland, Finland
Status Active
Private entertainment channel broadcast in sweden from the UK. The programmes are focused on series and games. In spring 2005, the Swedish Broadcasting Commission considered two jurisdiction cases relating to the television channels TV3, ZTV and Kanal 5. The three channels are registered in the United Kingdom by OFCOM, but the Swedish Broadcasting Commission found that Kanal 5 ought to come under Swedish jurisdiction. The Swedish Broadcasting Commission formally requested that OFCOM review its position regarding Kanal 5. In respect of TV3 and ZTV, however, the Swedish Broadcasting Commission concluded that Viasat Broadcasting Ltd ought to be considered as the broadcaster responsible for these channels’ programmes. As the company is established in the United Kingdom, Swedish jurisdiction does not apply.
Access (Free / Pay / Premium / Pay-per-view) Pay
Available in SD Yes
Available in HD Yes
Available in Time-Shifted
Available in Catch-up Yes
Main website
Other website(s) of interest
Link to Lyngsat Address
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Licence / Registration
Related licensing authority Office for Communications (OFCOM)
Licensing authority country United Kingdom
Main kind of transmission Cable/ Satellite/ IPTV/ Mobile / Other
Statute Private
Date of licence or registration
End of licence
Year of launch
Secondary competent authority Myndigheten för radio och tv
Comment Terrestrial license in SE by regulator MPRT