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Licensing authority / Register: Commissariaat voor de Media (CVDM)

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General information
Initial CVDM
Name Commissariaat voor de Media (CVDM)
Country Netherlands

The Dutch Media Authority, called "Commissariaat voor de Media", upholds the rules which are formulated in the Dutch Media Act as well as in the regulations based on this act for example the Media Decree. This is done by the providing of information beforehand and by subsequent supervision. Fairness and consistency are the Commissariaat's basic principles in enforcing the Media Act. The activities of the Commissariaat focus on both public service and commercial broadcasters and on cable operators. The Commissariaat was founded on January 1st 1988, coinciding with the date of commencement of the Dutch Media Act. The Commissariaat is an independent administrative body situated in Hilversum.

List of channels under the jurisdiction of the licensing / registering Authority
List of on-demand audiovisual services under the jurisdiction of the licensing / registering Authority