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TV and on-demand audiovisual services in Italy

Description of the audiovisual market


Audiovisual media landscape Italy 2015

The TV landscape in Italy is dominated by two groups: Public Service Broadcaster RAI manages three main terrestrial channels (Rai Uno, Rai Due and Rai Tre) and a portfolio of thematic channels. RAI accounts for over 37% of the audience market share; private broadcasting group Mediaset gathers over 32% of the audience with its three main terrestrial channels (Canale 5, Italia 1, Rete 4) and its portfolio of thematic channels.

Other significant broadcasters include Cairo Communication (La Sette), US groups 21st Century Fox, owner of the pay-TV satellite service Sky Italia, and Discovery Communications.

A distinctive characteristic of the Italian audiovisual market is the large number of terrestrial local and regional TV channels.

By the end of 2015, 51 pay video-on-demand services were available in Italy, a relatively low number considering the size of the market. Among these pay VOD services, 11 were established in Italy. Major players in the VOD Italian market include national versions of iTunes, Google Play, Wuaki TV, Netflix, Viewster, Microsoft Store and Sony PlayStation Video. National players include Telecom Italia Timvision, Mediaset Infinity and Chili TV.

In 2014, TV reception is almost fully digitized, with 95.7% of the 23.6 million households accessing digital TV. DTT is by far the first TV reception network, serving close to 69% of the households and includes pay-services delivered by Mediaset Premium. DTT is complemented by satellite (with pay-service Sky Italia from News Corp, and free service Tivù, from RAI, Mediaset and Telecom Italia) and, marginally, by IPTV (Telecom Italia). Cable TV is not available in Italy.

The audiovisual sector is governed by the Decreto legislativo 15 marzo 2010 n. 44 – Testo unico dei servizi audiovisivi e radiofonici. Public service broadcaster RAI missions are also defined through a three year service contract with the Italian Government. The converged regulatory authority AGCOM has responsibility for the regulation of the audiovisual sector.

The TV channel and on demand data, and the data on TV packages of the main providers in Italy were updated in September 2015

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