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On-demand audiovisual service: Aerovod

General Information
Service name
Company providing the service & contacts AEROFILMS, S.R.O.
Media Group(s)
Affiliation to a professional organisation
Type Transactional video-on-demand
Genre Film
Type of coverage Several countries
Language Czech
Main targeted country Czech Republic
Other countries in which the service is available Slovakia
Status Active
Number of titles (TV) in the catalogue
Number of titles (films) in the catalogue
Number of titles (others) in the catalogue
VoD film window
Pay-per-view (stream or download) art films gallery for films that have been screened in large cinemas like Aero and Bio Oko.
Access Pay
Distribution Online
Main website
Other website(s) of interest
Licence / Registration
Related licensing Authority / Register Rada pro rozhlasové a televizní vysílání / Council for Radio and TV Broadcasting (RRTV)
Licensing / registering country Czech Republic
Statute Private
Date of registration
End of registration
Year of launch
Managed distribution
This on-demand audiovisual service has no technical transmission.