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TV and on-demand audiovisual services in Turkey

Description of the audiovisual market

Turkey's audiovisual media landscape 2015

The Turkish television market has six main groups that are quite close in terms of audience share. The main players are the following: the Doğuş Group, with nine channels, had an audience share of almost 12% in 2014. Its main channel Star TV had a share close to 10%;  the Dogan Holding Group, with nine channels, had an audience share of 11.4% in 2014. Its main channel Kanal D also had a share of close to 10% (putting it in first place with Star TV). The company also owns the second pay satellite operator (see below); ATV (part of the Kalyon Group) had 9% of the daily audience share in 2014. ATV is in second place behind Star TV and Kanal D; The Fox Turkey channel (21st Century Fox) is the fourth most popular channel with a share of almost 9%. The company also has 8 other thematic channels in the market; the public service broadcaster TRT has 19 TV channels (including generalist, news, sport, children, HD, and various linguistic and international channels addressing diaspora and minorities). The public broadcaster’s total daily audience share in 2014 was close to 10%; the Ciner Group (with 4 channels including Show TV and Habertürk) had a total audience share of 7.5% in 2014.

There are a wide range of thematic channels (film, sport etc.) that are available over satellite (and cable and IPTV). Foreign channels play a rather insignificant role in the market (aside from those of Fox Turkey).

The most popular on-demand services are those provided by the major distribution companies Digiturk, D-SMART, Turk Telekom (Tivibu), Turkcell and Teledunya. Regarding broadcasters, TYVO is the catch-up TV service of the Doğuş Media Group. The Dogan group owns the VOD service netd. VOD film services include sfilm and Filmbox Live (owned by SPI International).

Free satellite TV is the most important means of receiving television in Turkey according to data from the IHS with satellite reaching more than 70% of homes. Regarding pay satellite services, there are two major operators: Digiturk (now part of the Bein Media Group) and D-Smart (part of Dogan Holding) with 3.2 million and 1.2 million subscribers respectively in 2015.

Over a million TV households are connected to cable TV (close to 6%). There is only one cable TV provider, which is the state-owned Teledünya.

There are two IPTV providers (Turk Telekom’s Tivibu and Turkcell’s Turkcell TV+) with a total of almost 500 000 subscribers (end 2015).

At the end of 2015, two multiplexes were in operation run by the TRT (public broadcaster platform with one channel) and ANTEN A.Ş. (carrying 14 channels). The DTT implementation is still in a test phase. An estimated seven million households rely on analogue terrestrial television.

The legislative framework for the media in Turkey is the Law No. 6112 on the Establishment of Radio and Television Enterprises and Their Media Services.

The broadcasting system and audiovisual services in Turkey are regulated by the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK).

The TV channel and on demand data, and the data on TV packages of the main providers in Turkey were updated in August 2015.  The update of information on Turkey was supported by Uygar Boynudelik.

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