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TV and on-demand audiovisual services in Belgium

Description of the audiovisual market

    Audiovisual media landscape Belgium 2015

     French Community (CFB) 

     In the French Community of Belgium, the public broadcaster RTBF and its three channels (La Une, La Deux and La Trois) accounted for X% of the audience in 2014.

     The main private channels are Luxembourg-based RTL-TVI  and the French private TV channel TF1.  

     Flemish Community (VLG)

In the Flemish community of Belgium, the channels of the public broadcaster VRT have a daily audience market share of X%. The main public channel Één has an audience share of X% and the channels Canvas and Op12 take a share of X% and X% respectively.

The main private channels are those of VMM (Vlaamse Media Maatschappij) , the main channel being VTM followed by 2BE  and VTMKZoom. The other important private broadcaster is the Finnish Sanoma group which acquired the channels of the former SBS group (VIER and VIJF). The channel Vitaya of the private group Media ad Infinitum is another important private channel in Belgium.

On-demand audiovisual services

Belgium has 92 on-demand audiovisual services established in the country of which 46 are VOD services. Regarding the availability of on-demand audiovisual services, the French community can receive 148 services (of which 88 are VOD services) and the Flemish community 139 services (of which 79 are VOD services), the other main audiovisual on-demand services being catch-up TV services with respectively 27 services that can be received in the CFB and 30 in the VLG. Market shares are not available but as TV VOD is still dominant the VOD services by cable and IPTV operators such as Telenet, Numericabel and ProximusTV (Belgacom) seem to dominate the market. An estimate by DigitalTVResearch pegs the number of Netflix subscribers at the end of December 2015 at 300 000 in Belgium.


Of the 4.5 million Belgian households, 80.9% are digitized.

Belgians receive mainly their TV diet through cable subscriptions (68.2% or 2.1 million households of the 3.1 million cable households are digital), IPTV (28.2% or 1.3 million households) and satellite (278 000 households). DTT is only used by 0.5% of households as the primary platform for TV reception.
The main cable operators are Telenet, Numéricable and Voo. The leading IPTV provider is Belgacom with its ProximusTV offering. Satellite is provided primarily by the Luxembourg-based M7 Group with its TV Vlaanderen Digital and TéléSat offerings.
The DTT multiplexes are operated by the public broadcaster RTBF in the French Community and by Norkring België in the Flemish Community.
The high level of cable and IPTV subscriptions has an effect on the Belgian pay TV market to which, according to IHS, all of Belgian TV households subscribe (however, pay TV in this situation ranges from a basic subscription to commercial private channels to high-end premium channels such as BETV).


The Belgian audiovisual sector has the particularity of having three distinct audiovisual markets each regulated by a different regulatory authority.
For the French Community, the regulator is the Belgian CSA (Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel) and the main broadcasting acts are the
Décret sur les services des médias audiovisuelsand the Décret du 29 janvier 2015 modifiant le décret du 14 juillet 1997 portant statut de la Radio-Télévision belge de la Communauté française (RTBF), for the public broadcaster RTBF.

In the Flemish Community the regulator is the VRM (Vlaamse Regulator voor de Media) and the main act is the Decreet betreffende de radio-omroep en de televisie 27 Maart 2009.
In the German community the regulator is the Medienrat and the main broadcasting acts are the
Dekret vom 27.Juni 2005 über [die audiovisuellen Mediendienste] und die Kinovorstellungen and the Dekret vom 27. Juni 1986 über das Belgische Rundfunk- und Fernsehzentrum der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft for the public broadcaster BRF.

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