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TV and on-demand audiovisual services in Cyprus

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The audiovisual media landscape Cyprus 2015


The most important broadcasters in Cyprus include several Greek companies who broadcast local versions of the main Greek channels.

 Antenna TV (an example of a Greek broadcaster with a local version of its main channel) was just ahead of the others with a daily audience share of around 19% in 2014. Sigma TV was in second place with a daily audience share of close to 17% in 2014. The public service broadcaster CyBC has three channels and they had a combined daily audience share of 16.5% in 2014. In fourth place is another Greek company, Teletypos with 15% audience share.

 There are 27 on-demand audiovisual services established in Cyprus including the catch-up TV services of the main broadcasters. The main IPTV and cable operators (Cyta, Primetel and Cablenet) also offer on-demand services of their own. The international film VOD service MEGOGO is established in Cyprus and has various national versions targeting other countries (such as the Ukraine, Russia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia and Lithuania). The VOD service Banaxi is also established in Cyprus and is available in Cyprus, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, the  Czech Republic and Slovakia.

 According to data from IHS, digital terrestrial television (DTT) and IPTV are the most important distribution platforms in Cyprus. There are two operators of DTT — the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (with public channels), and Velister Ltd (with private channels). The free service is used in 57% of homes. The pay-DTT service, Lumiere TV, closed in 2014. The switch-off of analogue terrestrial TV took place in 2011.

 IPTV is very well developed and used in almost 24% of homes. Services are provided by Cyta and Primetel. Cable TV is the delivery platform for 15% of homes and the main operator is Cablenet. The only satellite package available is the Greek Nova TV package, but satellite does not play any significant role in the market.

 The Law on Radio and Television Broadcasting N. 7(I)/1998 (amended 2009) is the main legal framework for commercial broadcasting in Cyprus. The legal basis for public service broadcasting in Cyprus is the Law on the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (2010). The broadcasting sector is supervised by the Cyprus Radio-Television Authority, an independent body, in charge of licensing procedures and the monitoring of broadcasting.

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